Enter the Vineyard of High Class Casino Games

Good friends, good entertainment, and good wine always go together. Indeed the merriment accompanying such occasions is always a welcome and deserved treat. Euro City Casino prides itself on bringing high-class entertainment to players the world over. With a veritable wealth of superior casino games, players are always in for a gaming experience par excellence. Gaming connoisseurs recommend a rich and flavourful glass of wine during an online casino session. Of course the particular variant depends on the games you’re playing.

Red Wine for a Classic & Bold Casino Experience

While the critics may not always agree on the ideal wine to accompany a particular game, the general consensus is that red wines are ideally suited to high roller favourites. Games like baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a classic red wine. In this vein, many enticing selections abound, including the following: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and the like. These wines are the perfect accoutrement to a fabulous gaming session – ideally suited to games of chance or skill-based attractions.

For the red wine connoisseur nothing beats the pomp and flair of a high roller baccarat table in full flight. And if you’re looking to roll your golden arm in a craps shoot, then you may wish to top-up with your preferred beverage. There are tremendous benefits bottled up in red wine, many of which have been proven to improve life expectancy. Combined with your joie de vivre your next gaming session may well prove as deliciously intoxicating as the wine swirling around in your crystal glass!

Alive & Bubbling with Opportunities – White Wines

The thrill seekers out there are naturally drawn to the bright lights and big city allure of Euro City Casino. Indeed the wealth of casino games on offer makes for an enticing prospect. While cocktails typically personify the moods of adrenaline junkies, nothing spells high class gaming better than an exemplary white wine. Served chilled and bursting with flavour, white wines are the nectar of the gods. To fully appreciate the appeal of white wines, one has to indulge one’s fantasies in slots, video poker, lottery, keno and instant win attractions.

Of course it’s good practice to select the ideal white wine to accompany your games. Perhaps a Château d’Yquem is a little out of the question, but Bordeaux Wines are always a great treat. Go sweet with Moscato, Tokaji or other late harvest white wines for a taste sensation you will love. Not only do these selections guarantee that your taste buds will be going into overdrive, you’ll also be enjoying the games you’re playing even more. The gaming arena at Euro City Casino is bursting with opportunities – just the way European players like it!