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Euro City Casino: Expansive & Extravagant; Roulette

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Euro City Casino has many card and table games. Of all the casino card and table games out there, one game resonates with players more than most. This game has been immortalized by James Bond films, Hollywood A-list celebrities, and high rollers the world over. Roulette is adored by gaming enthusiasts at traditional casinos and online casinos alike. The sheer gaming pleasure that awaits players is unparalleled – ranging from expansive roulette betting greens to the captivating atmosphere that typifies the game. For purists of games of chance, there is no alternative: roulette reigns supreme. Unlike skill-based games where players are required to learn in-depth betting strategies, bankroll management techniques and various tactical maneuvers, roulette relies on Lady Luck alone. This bodes well for newbies and seasoned professionals alike. Roulette is often touted as the game where a player’s gut feel rules the roost.

Glittering Casinos & Stunning Roulette Entertainment

High rollers have a particular affinity to the variants of roulette. These games encompass the likes of European roulette, French roulette, American roulette and Asian roulette. Each of these variants attracts players in their droves. Among the most popular roulette variants are European and French roulette. These particular games provide players with a diminished house edge, rollicking entertainment and majestic wins. European roulette is arguably the most favoured of all the variants, thanks to the absence of the 00 inherent in American roulette games. This not only lowers the house edge from 5.26% to 2.7%, but it increases the odds of a player's number hitting too. French roulette is steeped in history, and was enjoyed by the nobility and royalty of 18th-century France. Gamers are particularly interested in the rule called the La Partage Rule. Simply put, if a player places outside bets and the ball lands in the zero slot, players only lose 50% of their bets. One of the least known high-class variance is Asian roulette. This game is much like the others, with the exception of the placement of the numbers around the roulette wheel.

VIP Treatment at High Roller Casinos

Whether you're playing big-money games of roulette at the roped off areas of Caesars Palace, the Trump Taj Mahal, the Bellagio, or Paris, Paris the experience is unparalleled. Richly decorated décor, sumptuous cuisine, silver service and the most rewarding roulette games are waiting to be enjoyed. That selfsame spirit of roulette has endured the centuries; from its passage in the Royal court of France to the West and beyond. Casino whales have the tendency to drop big-money on the roulette tables, with terrific payout odds to boot. Single number payouts are 35 to1, so a $100 wager is worth $3,500 when your numbers come good. The polished, the urbane, and the aristocracy alike thrive on roulette. For a majestic gaming experience, roulette is incomparable. Enjoy the game at Euro City Casino!