ECC new tour guide
Bigger, simpler
and faster!
From simple tab-based navigation to opening multiple games in parallel, Euro City Casino is now bigger & faster than it ever was.
Multi-tab casino lobby
Quick access to favourites Easily switch between your favourites and recently played games and access your games with one click.
Multiple game views Customise your view of the games by selecting the icon view or the grid view. Your preference will be saved for future logins
Game searching
made easy
The new scrolling and filtering options make it easy finding the games you like. Use the scroll bar to browse more games, or click the filtering link to view only the games that interest you.
New 888casino game search
New 888casino wide screen games
New wide
screen games
Enjoy the layout of our new wide screen games utilizing the full width of the casino. New auto-play options allow you to easily spin our slot machines.
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Personalising your lobby

You can customise and personalise your lobby to create shortcuts to your favourite games.

Click the Edit My Lobby button in the main casino lobby to open the Lobby Editor.

Drag and drop games from your Recently Played and Favourites’ Lists (1) onto your casino lobby display to replace the existing icons with new ones. Once done, click OK. (2)

You can revert to the original icons by clicking the Back to... (3) buttons or by pressing the Back to Classic Lobby (4) button in the Lobby Editor.
Adding to Favourites

You can easily access your favourite games from the My Favourites (1) list available in each one of the casino screens.

Adding a game to favourites is simple - drag the game to the My Favourites area labeled Drag & Drop Here (2), or click the Add to Favourites button on the bottom right hand side of the game.
Multiple game views

Games can be browsed using either the game view, displaying the different game icons with their respective information on the right, or by using the grid view, which displays the games alphabetically, in a tabular manor, allowing you to sort the games by clicking the table column headers.