Comp Points

Get free cash just by playing!

At Euro City Casino we believe in rewarding our players for their loyalty. You earn rewards simply by playing our great casino games!

When you play in Euro City Casino, every bet you make takes you one step closer towards earning free cash. Play and watch the points pile up!

Here’s how it works:

  • If your bankroll is in USD: Every $10 you bet earns you 1 Comp Point. Every 100 Comp Points can be converted to $1
  • If your bankroll is in GBP: Every £10 you bet earns you 1.5 Comp Points. Every 150 Comp Points can be converted to £1
  • If your bankroll is in EUR: Every €10 you bet earns you 1.35 Comp Points. Every 135 Comp Points can be converted to €1

You can easily check how many Comp Points you currently have, and convert them into cash. Simply go to ‘My Account’ in the lobby and click on the Comp Points tab.

Keep playing to convert your comp points into more cool cash!

Terms and conditions:
  1. Comp point accumulation and conversion rates may be subject to change or removal by Euro City Casino without prior notification. Removed Comp Points cannot be converted or withdrawn at any time.
  2. Comp Points will be converted to cash in multiples of 100. For example, if your Comp Points total is 340, conversion of all these points will result in $3 being credited to your bankroll. Any remaining points will remain in your comp points account and continue to be accumulated.
  3. Converted Comp Points subject to the Euro City Casino Withdrawal Policy terms and conditions.
  4. The rates mentioned are relevant to players logging in directly from Euro City Casino. 888Poker and 888Sport points may differ.